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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Band Saw

Was getting ready to work on a project for a Customer.

Wanted some Garage Door hinges (Deco) cut out. So I traced the OLD one onto the wood, got my Pneumatic Saws All out and ripped it down pretty quick.

Went over to the Band Saw to cut it out with because it was almost 2" Long adn my Scroll saw only does 16" in length.

So with the Band saw i could've knocked it out pretty quick, bot i turned it on and it spun a little then whined. Spun a little and whined.

So I open the top door, Wheel looked fine, Blade was on right and balanced.

So I opened the Bottom Door.

This is what I seen.

My Belt was Dry rotted and it just shredded, so now I've got to order a new belt before I can use my Band Saw again.

On a Side note I managed to cut out one on the scroll saw..

Here is the Original, Traced and Cut one. Enjoy.

I had to cut to the left then to the right. Then I had to turn it around to meet in the middle. Although it took LONGER to do this I was impressed how i was able to finish it up. I'm probably losing money because of the Length of time it's taking to do this, but I've already quoted teh Customer and I'm not going back on my word.

I contacted the customer and told her that I'd have them finished by tomorrow evening, I had to cut shop time in half because I had some personal issues I had to address, then as late as it was getting, it was time to get the animals fed for the evening.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Garage Door Hinge

Ok, This here is a Garage Door Hinge. It bolts onto the Garage door to simulate a hinge on the garage.

This was made from MDF it appears. The moisture got to it and it started separating like paper.

So I'll be replicating this piece into 2 pieces one for either side. Unfortunately I probably won't be getting a finished product ON The garage itself. But I'll be showing the final product.

To tackle this Job i believe the Band saw will be the best option for this, it is probably close to 24" long and around 6" wide. My Scroll saw will only go 16" so will be to long unless i can do it such a way by doing it half and half.

Running the bottom half on the left side and the right side. Then reversing it form the bottom and doing the left and right and meet in the middle.

Guess we'll see how that works out. if anything, I can use a Jig Saw to cut it out.

The customer will be purchasing 1/2" Ply in order to get this cut out.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Commission Job

I was just contacted by a Local "Customer" to do a Commission Job.

First off, This is the first time I've blogged in several years I think it's been about 3 years now since my last post.

I've moved my Workshop over to Facebook Which can be found --> Here
for anyone that is interested in checking it out.

I'm thinking of picking blogging back up. During the winter all I do is sit at home, inside because my shop isn't heated right now so I'm unable to go out to the shop and do any work, so it's Seasonal work i do. BUT Wold LOVE to change that hopefully this summer.

I've got Plans on building a Rocket heater, this will allow me to burn all of my smaller scrap wood to heat the shop, stuff that's to small or to crappy to use on anything plus all the dead limbs and such I can pick up or some stuff I can get at the pallet factory here in town that can't be used for anything either, this will give me some heat in the workshop so i can do stuff I need to.

Anyway, I was contacted by a Local, wanting some Decorative Scroll saw work done for their Garage. The garage has a Few what looks like imitation Vintage Hinge look to it, So wanting me to Duplicate it.

So this will give me something to work with.  Some 1/4" Plywood painted with Killz Sealer to seal it for outside use as well as Ply to keep it from moving and possibly cracking. Think I've got JUST the thing for it.

Customer is dropping off the piece that needs duplicated and out to the workshop I go to get some work done.

Because she only needs 2, i'm thinking I may just go ahead and do a simple Stack cutting, this will allow me to cut both pieces at the same time, saving time in the long run and making a few bucks in the process of cutting..

So tomorrow I'll be taking photos of the Project I'll be duplicating, And maybe even possibly make a template for myself for the use on other Garage doors that may want some Deco done to them. And this will also allow me to make more copies of this for her garage if she needs them done, maybe I can draw it on some paper, then Scan it into my Computer and be able to Enlarge it or decrease it in size as well.

Might have to trade it in GIMP 2.0 and save it as a Template so I can just use that then make it as big or small as i need it.

Anyway enough babbling, i'll return tomorrow, I'll also be posting photos on my Workshop Facebook page also, maybe even doing a Little Streaming Live to my Facebook Page Followers.