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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nativity Set

Here is the Nativity set that I just finished Scrolling out lastnight and finished the Glue up This morning.

It's now sitting and Drying, I did however forget to Glue on the Shepards Hooks before I took the Picture.

This Set is about 6" High, 3" Deep and about 10" long.

The Base is made from Oak Plywood along with the Manger. The Figures and Star are made from Cherry Plywood Donated to me by David Pruett over at The Folding Rule Blog.

I'd like to Thank David for sending me Such Beautiful Plywood and it has Been great to work with and do this project, there are a Few more Projects Underway which will be blogged about in the Near Future.

So thanks for checking in, Hope you like the Nativity Set.



  1. Handi -

    Absolutely beautiful! I am always amazed at the detail of your scroll work. I think I need to get you over to my shop for some one-on-one lessons!

  2. David,

    Always nice to hear from an ole Friend, Thanks for the Comment.

    This piece here took me, oh I don't know, bout 3 hrs I think total, spread out over bout 3 days.

    Had to Glue up, the Ply cut nicely but as far as tryin to fit the tabs in the holes, the small tabs was too brittle, so I had to cut them off and sand flat to glue flat on the base.

    Check my Next Post out, I just finished 2 more Christmas Ornaments lastnight, they are nice.