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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Multipurpose Layout Tool

I like to think of a craft knife as an all-in-one cutting tool. That’s because there are so many types of interchangeable blades available (photo at below).
craft knife
You can use it with a standard blade as a marking knife or switch to a thicker blade for carving and cleaning out the waste of a hinge mortise. And like a utility knife, the blades can be thrown out when they get dull. Just keep in mind that the blades are beveled on both faces.
The knife handles and blades can be purchased individually or in a set (as shown). You can find them at most craft and hobby stores.

Simple Jig Saw Tip

Simple Jig Saw Tip ==> Here

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Top Mortise Tips

An easy way to cut mortises is by drilling a series of overlapping holes at the drill press. Then you can use a chisel to remove the ridges on the sides and ends.
The drawings below show how to guide the chisel to pare away the waste. This technique leaves smooth walls for a better-fitting mortise and a flat glue surface.
I start with a wide chisel on the sides. A wide blade helps keep the surface smooth, with no “steps” between cuts. Take thin shavings, starting at the tips of the ridges and move back until the wall of the mortise is smooth. By controlling the downward pressure with your dominant hand and using your opposite hand to direct the blade, you’ll quickly get a feel for it. Pivoting the chisel allows you to make fine paring cuts for a smooth wall.
With the sides cleaned up, switch to a chisel that matches the width of the mortise to square the ends.
- See more at:

Clamping Molding

Clamping Molding ==> Here

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cleaning Your Router

Cleaning Your Router ==> Here

Pegboard Tips

Pegboard Tips! ==> Here

Cut Plywood With Ease

Cutting Plywood With Ease ==> Here

Installing a Vise on Your Workbench

Installing a Vise on Your Workbench. You can View the Tip at the following Link. ==> Here

Woodsmith Tips

I'll be bringing back this winter, the Woodsmith Tips from my eMail.  I know everyone probably gets them for their own eMail, But at least some new followers or even old follers that like my blog can find them here.

ALL Post from Woodsmith Tips are NOT My Tips just incause anyone is wondering, they are copyrighted by Woodsmith I'm just sharing for everyone to view.

Probably some tips, Tricks and or hints from Woodworkers Journal and few other sites as well!  So my First post will be of some of the OLDER Woodsmith Tips I've got in my eMail!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, I've decided to go ahead and continue this Blog.  Most things will continue to be on Facebook.  You can Find my Workshop On Facebook here at Handi's Workshop for anyone that's interested in checking it out.

You can Also follow me on Twitter @HandisWorkshop when I have shop time, I'll be posting Photos of my Shop, projects etc.

I may even do a Live Broadcast on Facebook as well, Who knows.

Unfortunatly right now, my Shop is closed because of the Cold Months ahead.  So there won't be much of entertainment here while it's cold, but this late spring and early summer I'll be having some things Lined up to post about.

First and Foremost I have a Tater/Onion Bin that will be worked on and I'll also have a Rocket heater Build I'll be working on as well, that will hopefully prepare me for the colder months a way to heat as well as get rid of some scraps in the workshop that can't be used for anything else.

So please stay tuned, my Blog will slowly be updated when I have content.  Thanks for all of my Subscribers and followers that's stayed with me and all of the NEW Followers that has found me.