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Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, I've decided to go ahead and continue this Blog.  Most things will continue to be on Facebook.  You can Find my Workshop On Facebook here at Handi's Workshop for anyone that's interested in checking it out.

You can Also follow me on Twitter @HandisWorkshop when I have shop time, I'll be posting Photos of my Shop, projects etc.

I may even do a Live Broadcast on Facebook as well, Who knows.

Unfortunatly right now, my Shop is closed because of the Cold Months ahead.  So there won't be much of entertainment here while it's cold, but this late spring and early summer I'll be having some things Lined up to post about.

First and Foremost I have a Tater/Onion Bin that will be worked on and I'll also have a Rocket heater Build I'll be working on as well, that will hopefully prepare me for the colder months a way to heat as well as get rid of some scraps in the workshop that can't be used for anything else.

So please stay tuned, my Blog will slowly be updated when I have content.  Thanks for all of my Subscribers and followers that's stayed with me and all of the NEW Followers that has found me.



  1. That is awesome! It used to be a wonderful blog! Please continue posting here.

    1. Thanks. I try to post some good stuff. But being Disabled and in A wheelchair, it's hard to get the money I need to do some Projects so that's why I stopped posting for a bit. And I Opened up my Workshop on my Facebook in another page cause I'm on Facebook more then I am on the Blog.

      So when I have the money, more projects will be posted. Now that I've got TONS of 200+ Year old wood in my Other garage, I'll have some more stuff to build with it.

      So keep a Lookout, and thanks for sticking around even thou there wasn't much content here. means alot that I've got my old follwers still.

      I'll try my best to update when I can and get some new content, but probably won't be until this Spring when it warms up since I don't have heat in the shop.

      I've got some Projects lined up for Late Spring. Got a Friend (Customer) That's wanting a Tater and Onion Bin, so I'll have some stuff to post, I'll also share my Youtube Channel here so People can check out some Videos if I get around to making some.

  2. I understand that blogging needs inspiration and time! It is great that you have a lot of new ideas to write about.