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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hand Tools

I have just Started my Hand Tool Journey. I have been for sometime wanting to Journey into Hand Tools, But a few things has Been Stopping me.

The First is my Right Shoulder, I have Rotery Cuff Damage, and this stops me from doing some things to a Degree, My Left Elbow has been experiencing some Clicking and Pinching as well, and the fact I'm in a Chair limits my Hand Tool use to Smaller Projects and I didn't know if I wanted to spend all this money on New and or used tools to find out I may not be able to use them that well.

Then I decided to Change that Though into Reality and decided to Purchase some and just make due with what I had and learn how to use them the best I can as accuratly as I can.

So without Further Ado, here is my First Tool I purchased off ebay!

Stanley #191 Rabbeting Plane SW (Sweetheart)

Stanley #H1204 (Handyman)

Stanley #35 Smoothing Plane and Stanley #110 Block Plane

This is my Journey into Hand Tools, My First 4 Planes I purchased for under $100.00 On eBay, the Smoothing and Blockplane without Shipping cost was only $26.00, The Rabbeting Plane was $11.00, and the Handiman was $29.00.

So I don't think I've done too bad so far into my Journey. I do have a Hand saw a Disston Rip Saw, but I've not received it yet to take pictures of it cause the picture wasn't 100% Great on eBay, so once I get it I'll take a picture and post it also.

Thanks for watching and following along my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing Journey.


Friday, November 27, 2009

A Great Gift: Setting Up Shop

A Great Gift: Setting Up Shop

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Cutting Better Looking Plywood Panels

Cutting Better Looking Plywood Panels

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Creating a Stub Tenon on the Router Table

Creating a Stub Tenon on the Router Table

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 More Sites Added

I've just added 2 more Sites that I've been keeping track of, I hope they are as Informative to you as they are to me.

The First one is:

Woodworking Seminars -- This has site has some Great Seminars on woodworking, From tips to Jigs for your table saw and more, Check it out.

The Second one is:

Woodworking Online -- I'm sure alot of you have already checked this site out or already know about it, the site has Woodsmith and Shopnotes and all accessible from this site and if I'm not mistaken, Woodworking Seminars is also part of this.

Hope these 2 come in use and informative to others that may not know about these, they are listed in my Blogs I follow, to let you know when a new Post is available along with my woodworking links at the bottom of my blog.

Once again, if anyone else that follows my blog has some educational blogs/sites, tips/hints blog/sites, please contact me with the links and I'll be happy to add these to my blog so it will be easier to goto them as you visit my blog.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sterling Machinery Exchange

Here is another site that was just sent to me by James from Sterling Machinery Exchange, Please have a look, It appears to provide New and used Machines, I've not had a chance yet to fully Review this site -- But here in the next day or two.

From the looks of it, It looks to be a Useful Resource of machinery of all kinds for some of us woodworkers looking for a good new or used deal!

Anymore Sites are also welcome, Please keep them coming, I'd like to see this as a Resourceful Blog with Many different woodworking and scroll sawing blogs, information and the likes, and everyone can make it happen!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 More Sites Added

I have added 3 more sites to my List for all to enjoy, they are listed as followed.

The Sharpening Blog --

Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools --


If anyone has any Great Woodworking and or Scroll Saw Sites they would like to see added to my list for future enjoyment, Please, don't hesitate to Contact me or simply leave a comment with the desired Site and I'll be sure to add the sites to my list.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trivet - Square

Here is a Square Trivet I just finished earlier this evening.

Hope this will be of use to some other scroller.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Luminarie Base and Face

I've been trying my Hand at creating my own Unique Scrollsaw Designs/Patterns.

It don't seem to be too bad to design, at least some of the easier stuff. So I've decided to Post my Luminarie Base and Face Design I just came up with this evening.

I think that it would be a Great Valentines Day Gift. Yeah I know, It's not Valentines Day yet, it's not even turkey day yet. But hey, It never hearts to start shopping for the Holidays ahead!

Enjoy the Design, You are welcome to use it as many times as needed, can post it elsewhere if you like, Just give credit where to the Designer!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 New Christmas Ornaments!

Here are 2 New Additions to my Scrollsawing Projects.

These Patterns or Designs are from one of my Christmas Ornament Scrollsaw Magazines.
I thought these 2 would be a great addition to my Store to hopefully Share the love and the closeness of families during the Christmas Seasons.
Give me your take on these, All comments welcome and appreciated. Hopefully Soon I'll have some Orginal Designs by Me, but until I learn the ropes of Pattern Designing, all of my designs or designs will come from the Holliday Magazines.
Be looking forward to another addition in the next day or two, my Train Set. I don't know about you guys, but as a Kid growing up, I always loved putting the Train around the base of the Christmas Tree, it was a Family Tridition we used to do, expecially more so when I crafted a Woodworking Kit for my mother Many hears ago that consisted of a Wooden Train.
So I hope that each and everyone of you keeping tabs on my blog enjoy and share the love of my Wood projects with each and everyone.
The Gift of a Smile is a wonderful Gift and can carry you away for sometime on Cloud #9!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nativity Set

Here is the Nativity set that I just finished Scrolling out lastnight and finished the Glue up This morning.

It's now sitting and Drying, I did however forget to Glue on the Shepards Hooks before I took the Picture.

This Set is about 6" High, 3" Deep and about 10" long.

The Base is made from Oak Plywood along with the Manger. The Figures and Star are made from Cherry Plywood Donated to me by David Pruett over at The Folding Rule Blog.

I'd like to Thank David for sending me Such Beautiful Plywood and it has Been great to work with and do this project, there are a Few more Projects Underway which will be blogged about in the Near Future.

So thanks for checking in, Hope you like the Nativity Set.