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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hand Tools

I have just Started my Hand Tool Journey. I have been for sometime wanting to Journey into Hand Tools, But a few things has Been Stopping me.

The First is my Right Shoulder, I have Rotery Cuff Damage, and this stops me from doing some things to a Degree, My Left Elbow has been experiencing some Clicking and Pinching as well, and the fact I'm in a Chair limits my Hand Tool use to Smaller Projects and I didn't know if I wanted to spend all this money on New and or used tools to find out I may not be able to use them that well.

Then I decided to Change that Though into Reality and decided to Purchase some and just make due with what I had and learn how to use them the best I can as accuratly as I can.

So without Further Ado, here is my First Tool I purchased off ebay!

Stanley #191 Rabbeting Plane SW (Sweetheart)

Stanley #H1204 (Handyman)

Stanley #35 Smoothing Plane and Stanley #110 Block Plane

This is my Journey into Hand Tools, My First 4 Planes I purchased for under $100.00 On eBay, the Smoothing and Blockplane without Shipping cost was only $26.00, The Rabbeting Plane was $11.00, and the Handiman was $29.00.

So I don't think I've done too bad so far into my Journey. I do have a Hand saw a Disston Rip Saw, but I've not received it yet to take pictures of it cause the picture wasn't 100% Great on eBay, so once I get it I'll take a picture and post it also.

Thanks for watching and following along my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing Journey.



  1. Alright! I think you are going to like using these. One important thing (besides sharpening) is having the bench height work for you. I'm not sure how your bench is set up, but ideally, for planing it should be low enough that you can get over the plane somewhat and let body weight help. You might need to experiment a little to figure out how to do this with the chair, but I am sure it can be done. You could even rig up a low beam to work on, as long as it was rigid and immobile. Looking forward to posts on your progress!

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for coming on over to my Home, Hope you continue to do so on Future Post.

    As of right now, I don't have a Bench. This is one of the other Tools that I don't have that I do need to implement into my Workshop along with a Wood Burning Stove to help heat my Shop.

    Right now I'm only limited to Seasonal Woodworking in the Shop, and Scroll Sawing in the winter. I had a project lined up and I was hoping to use these tools on this Project, but I told the Guy (Friend) that with it being colder here now and no heat that we would have to postpone it til Spring.

    It's a Veggie Bin, and I thought these Planes would help me out in the Shop, I was going to do the Dados on the Router, since the Dado Planes are too expensive for me atm, and i was going to do the Rabbets with the Router as well, Unless the Rabbet Plane will do this for me with a Guide Block or Fence.

    I thought the Rabbet Plane was basically to clean up the Rabbets and Shoulder joints. Your Input would be Greatful! Dan the Toolman Taylor lol.

    And I don't have chisels so I can't make Dados by hand, so I will have to use both til I get my Arsenal up and running and making a little money off some of my projects.