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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


To all my Woodworking Followers,

I have been lacking on Updating my Blog for sometime.  I'm finding that time is getting more away from me then usual.  Money is becoming a Problem, which also means the projects aren't coming out cause of the money problems.  So this means no Content to post on the Blog which really Kind of Stinks.

Althou since I'm more on Facebook then anywhere else, I've created me a Workshop Page on Facebook and I've been updating that more and more cause it requires less effort then it does the Blog.  So come on over and check it out, I provide Pictures of some of my Old and Present Projects which aren't many, but they are there.

If you click on the Link above, it will take you right to my Facebook Page for my Workshop.  Once again Sorry for the Lack of Updating my Blog.  Come "Like" My Workshop Facebook Page and your sure to get some kind of update by Tips from Woodsmith and Some Other Woodworking Articals, I also have some Contributing Authors for some Magizines that are friends.