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Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 New Christmas Ornaments!

Here are 2 New Additions to my Scrollsawing Projects.

These Patterns or Designs are from one of my Christmas Ornament Scrollsaw Magazines.
I thought these 2 would be a great addition to my Store to hopefully Share the love and the closeness of families during the Christmas Seasons.
Give me your take on these, All comments welcome and appreciated. Hopefully Soon I'll have some Orginal Designs by Me, but until I learn the ropes of Pattern Designing, all of my designs or designs will come from the Holliday Magazines.
Be looking forward to another addition in the next day or two, my Train Set. I don't know about you guys, but as a Kid growing up, I always loved putting the Train around the base of the Christmas Tree, it was a Family Tridition we used to do, expecially more so when I crafted a Woodworking Kit for my mother Many hears ago that consisted of a Wooden Train.
So I hope that each and everyone of you keeping tabs on my blog enjoy and share the love of my Wood projects with each and everyone.
The Gift of a Smile is a wonderful Gift and can carry you away for sometime on Cloud #9!

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