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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shop Time!

Hopefully here real SOON, I will be having some Shop time. The Weather hasn't been permitting me to go outside here lately, as it's been raining A LOT.

Well I suppose that's ok I guess... I've not really got any good wood nor money to purchase any just yet, and if I did I'm not sure what I would accomplish just yet in the shop.

I do however have a Project planed in the near future, I'm a real big Fan of Billiards, others call it Pool, I call it both. Anyway for anyone that is familiar with Billiards or Pool or any form of it knows that a Pool Cue is the most Important piece of equipment, without it you can't play, of course without a table nor Billiard Balls, you aren't able to play as well.

Well for anyone that is familiar, I have a Mali Pool Cue, Blueish Green Marble in color, and my cause I was using... Well I had it in my trunk, and the zipper seized up on me. So with what little Skills that I have in Woodworking and the likes, I will be applying this to build me a New Pool Cue Case, equipped with a Chalk Holder, probably a little quarter area to hold a roll of quarters like a poker table holds poker chips.

I will of course be doing a Podcast on this project to show everyone the process of me applying my woodworking Skills...

Design is still a little flaky, but once it's worked out it will look great, I'm also thinking about doing some Inlay work, which will be my first ever attempt as well. So be looking Forward to a few projects, in the mean time, Please enjoy my Woodworking Tips of the Week from Various people from ""

Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out, I should also in the neat future be providing another video and audio podcast. Time and weather hasn't been on my side lately.


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