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Sunday, September 12, 2010 - Free woodworking and metalworking DIY (do it yourself) plans and patterns


I've been taking on a few more interest or hobbies, at least reading about them, I've not indulged myself in my new found hobbies just yet, but I've been reading about them. Well reading about it (Chip Carving). I watched a Begining Chip Carving Video over at The Village Carpenter Blog by Kari Hultman as well as a few others.

I was thinking about carving many years ago, but I didn't know what tools or anything I needed, it seemed to get a little overwhelming for me to thing about and all so I kinda disreguarded the idea, I mean I still wanted to do it eventually, but I put it on the back burner.

Of course UNTIL I seen Kari's Beginning Chip Carving Video and the only tool that she used including one other was just a Carvers Knife and a Straight Stabing Knife, and she deminstrated how easy it was to get started and how easy it was to work, so I decide to search the net out for videos and How-To's and whatever else have you.

Along my Journey I come across this website as you see the link below: - Free woodworking and metalworking DIY (do it yourself) plans and patterns in search for Information, Well this site I wanted to Share with anyone who is interested.

This site is Packed full of Old Books it looked like dated from the early 1800's to mid 1900's from Metal working, to Carving, to Scroll Sawing, to Woodworking, to many other things. There are Free Project Plans, Free Books and Free Patterns.

I hope that this site is helpful for anyone that seeks out knowledge upon a few subjects they wish to learn about and get a few helping patterns to help with learning. I know I've got alot to go threw to check out, and a few patterns to try my hands at until I get the idea how to do my own and design them as well.


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