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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stanley Planes

To the left here you will see a Picture of my Hand Planes.

I don't know much about them, I'm starting to get a little into Hand tools, I've always Adored Vintage Tools and other Vintage/Antique Items.

Sorry the picture isn't very Clear, it was cold outside and I took these on the fly while I aired up my Wheelchair Tires with my 17g Air Compressor.

From the left to the right, First one is a Stanley #35 which i think is close to a #4 Smoothing Plane, I'm not really Sure, Second one is a Stanley #191 which is my Rabbet Plane, Third Hand Plane, I'm not really Sure what that one is, It's about the Size of the first one so I'm going to guess that it's probably a #4 Smoothing also, and Last but not least, a Stanley #110 Low Angle Block Plane.

If I got any of these incorrect please comment and let me know what Y'all think or know that they are.

I've not really gotten a chance to use these as I don't have a Bench in my Shop just yet. I was toying around with the planes on a Split firewood log to see how they worked and all that jazz, but it was very unstable on my lap so that didn't go very well.

The other day out in the shop, I decided to check to see if the Soul of the planes were flat. Well to my Dismay, they ALL were NOT Flat at all, so I've got alot of work ahead of me to get these bad boys in top notch and ready to use. Hopefully I'll be able to get these in working condition this coming spring. They are in the shop right now and it's not heated and I also don't have what I need to flatten the souls so It will be put off til it starts getting warmer.

Any insight on Resurfacing, Honing, Flatting whatever please leave me a Comment on some Ideas.


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