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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is a cross that I done for my Aunt. It's Hung on my Mantel with Care posing for a Picture to be posted!

The cross is pretty close to 16" Long and about 6" Wide and 1/2" Thick.

Giving real life Situations, it took me close to 3 weeks to finish up, some of that 3 weeks was dreading working on it. Oh don't get me wrong, I love working on my Scroll Saw.

I however don't like scrolling out thicker woods, expecially Plywood because you go threw blades like kids goes threw candy, 1 right after another.

The Glue between the plys just eats the blades up pretty quickly, but that's Ok, cause I got 4 uses out of a Single Blade on this project.

By Triming off 1/4" of the Blade on the bottom and tom of the Blade, you make the Blade 1/2" Shorter. Which gives you a 1/4" on bottom and top that's not worn down, So where the blade was orginaly 5" Long, it's now 4 1/2" Long, But of course this is after you use both ends of the blade before you trim off the ends to give you new areas to work with.

Anyway, This was also cut from 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood. And with a FD-TC #1 (Flying Dutchman Two Way Cut), I like using them over #3's and #5's.

Thanks for tuning in for another Post and taking a gander at my New Finished project!



  1. RealfEZ,

    Well I be Damned dude, it's been, a LONG Time, How the hell are you? I been keeping track of some of your Word Art you been doing.

    Some Great work... Glad you Stopped by and dropped me a line.