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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Applying A Pattern

Hello everyone...

I would like to Introduct my First Demonstration, Instructional and/or How-To Video on Applying A Pattern.

In this Demonstration Video, I give all new Scollers a Chance to learn how to Apply a pattern to their work piece...

Enjoy the Video, a Few more to come in this Series.



  1. Hi Handi,
    This is the first of your videos I manage to watch from start to end.

    Thanks for taking the time and putting all the effort to make it.
    You are very good at explaining things.
    Keep them coming mate!


  2. Handi, Nice intro, looks like you are having fun witht he videos now. Keep em up!

  3. @RealfEZ: Thanks for the Compliment. I'm glad that you found it it was instructional and helpful and easy to watch. And glad to hear that you was able to Sit threw the WHOLE Thing lol.

    @Ethan: Thanks, it only took a Few minutes to compile the Introduction Video. It's exctually 1Minute and 1 Second. That's with All the Pictures and the Small Video at the end of it.

    Hope you guys come check out some of the other videos, I'm re editing some of my Polar Bear Videos to Squeeze them all down into Smaller ones...