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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New YEARS Final Video!

First I would like to Say HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This is the Year that it's going to happen. Well for some people. Others... Well it could happen, but lets face it. We aren't 100% sure what Happen means.

I would also like to like to Say Thanks to Travis over at Scroll Saw Goodies for the Advice and information, and I would also like to Promote his New Website he Brought out into the Open New years day at 12 midnight.

Travis was Very kind enough to give me a Sneak peak of the Wonderful world of Scroll Saw Forum he's got available, a Place to get Free Patterns, Ask for a pattern and show off your work and all.. I think it's going to be a new hit for 2009, So head on over to Scroll Saw Village if you got time and check out his new home for Scroll Saw Goodies and all.

Polar Bear: Part 20 FINAL

Now I would like to also say that this is the LAST Video in my Polar Bear Custom Design Series. I hope Y'all like it, I know it's been a Long Haul from the Beginning, it has also been a Slightly boring one because of the execissive length of my Videos, But this Year, I have decided to try and work my best on making my Videos more Shorter in the Future to come as well as more informative.

So I will basically Start with the Basic Stuff, then work with the more Advanced stuff. So bare with me as the New Year comes in and new videos takes it's place and home right here at "Handi's Workshop"

Thanks for stopping by and continuing to check in to see what I have done.



  1. Handi, Good luck witht he video editing. I'll have to chek out the scroll saw website to a little more information. My box joint with a scroll saw did not work out as well as I had hoped. Probably just need some more practice and time. Hope ya have a great 2009

  2. Scroll Saw sin't going to be that Good for doing Joints... you might get buy with Finger Joints, But you arn't going to do Dovetail Joints unless your Table Turns left and right at 45Degree, if it turns only 1 way I don't think it's Possible.

    But yes Practice is what you need...


  3. Nice Job on this Handi, you do great work on the scroll saw. Nice job on the video also. Video takes allot of time, I have been trying to make some videos for my site and I feel your pain. I added a link to your site on

  4. @Just: Thanks, I really appreciate the comment, I will add yours to my Blog as well, and when I get time I will review your site.

    Please Look back in the Near Future, Right now I'm in the Process of Uploading a Revisited version of the Polar Bear.

    I felt that I needed to Edit the Video because They were just too long, expecially 20 Videos, I've managed to get 2 Videos right now at 10 minutes, I'm uploading the First Video right now and it should be posted here as soon as it's downloaded.

    You can also get to my Feed in iTunes also. I put my Feed there... I'm hoping people will like my Feed, It's not much, it's not professional by all means, and I don't intend on making it professional videos.

    I call it Winging Hobo Style. Do it as I go, as long as the Info is correct and my projects are good and I get my points across, this is what I care most about.