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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pinewood Derby Car!

Hello everyone...

I would like to Introduce you to my Boys Pinewood Derby Car... We just got finished working on it, Got it Cut, Sanded and Painted and ready for the Races Tomorrow morning.

Unfortunatly I have to say, I failed to get my Video I wanted to get to Show Step by Step how the Process of cutting, Painting etc.

So we will have to Deal with a Pictorial, and Unfortunately, again lol, I didn't get pictures either of the beginning, Just of my Boy Sanding after it was Cut.

In these 2 pictures, you see my Boy sitting at his Table, Sanding the Car after it was Cut:

In the next set of Pictures, you see my Boy Painting his Car:

In the last Set of Pictures, You see the Car Finished, without the wheels, and with the Wheels were put on:

Thanks for checking in, Once again, I am sorry that I didn't get the First Initial Start of the Project, nor get any Video on the take either, My Full intentions were to get some Video, But things happened so fast, other things were in the mix as well.
I hope you enjoyed the project as much as He has Helping me cut and Paint and hopefully he will have as much fun tomorrow at the races!


  1. Ethan: Unfortunately I probably won't be going, I'm not feeling good this morning, Got a UTI, Headache and everything...

    But I got someone picking the boy up to go. He seemed to have a Blast doing the car last night.

    The only problem he has, is a problem with losing, he lost last year, and i try to explain to him that winning isn't everything, it's the fact that you make an effort in constructing the car and see how it does on the track.

    And Participation goes along way with intereaction...


  2. Awesome! I can't wait to do projects with my boy! Looks like it was fun - is that an "FBI" car? Cool!

  3. Dan: Yes it is, that's what he wanted, I cut the car on my Scroll Saw, Then he designed and Painted it.

    He got a medal for Best Paint Job or Best Car can't recall right now I will have to look at the medal.

    He was very happy that he got a medal, I was upset thou that I didn't get to attend cause of being Sick, But he had a Grand time..