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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Audio and Video Podcast!

As You all know I have been posting Woodworking Tips of the Week every Week. Trying to provide information on basic and advance tips and techniques to all of my viewers and soon to be viewers...

I have also been Experiementing with Audio and Video Podcast... And it has been a little while since I have come out with a video...

These Audio and Video Podcast will not be on a Regular Basis has you have seen so far. Mainly do to time that the Audio and Videos will be spaced apart...

My Audio podcast will be more Focused on Reviews and just general Information when time premits.

My Video Podcast will be more focused on Demostrations, Inscructional and How-To Videos and some Special Videos of me and my Son doing some some special Projects together.

So be looking for them, since they are not on a Regular Basis, Just keep checking back and see if there is anything Available.

I do have something Planned here soon, it will be a Tour of my Shop, so be looking foward to a Tour and how I work on projects and move stuff around.

Thanks for listening, Thanks for Watching, Thanks for following my Blog, I hope that my experience is a great experience for everyone that is following me!


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