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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shop Tour 2009

Here is my 2009 Shop Tour.

This Video is only about 15 minutes long.  I just introduce you to all of my Tools except for my Scroll Saw, which is in the House, I work on it in the winter in my home.

So I've not had the time to take it back out to my Shop, not to mention it's still a little Chilly for me to work in the Shop.

I hope that Y'all enjoyed my Shop Tour, I will be conducting another Shop Tour once I get my Benches and Storage units built and installed in the Shop, Right now, Everything is just laying around for convenience.



  1. Handi,

    Cool! It's always fun seeing other folks' workshops. I'm not really into power tools, but that is a pretty sweet shop you got there. Is it heated? You mention it is chilly. Mine is heated, but I think our gas bill is 50% my shop! When it is 25 below, that thing runs ALL the time. Do you have to worry about safety being in the wheelchair? I'm assuming you can lock the wheels while you are using the table saw etc. Anyway, thanks for the tour.

  2. Dan: Thanks for leaving me a Comment...

    First, My Shop isn't Heated. Unfortunatly, if it was i would be out there every whipstich, well that is if I had more money to do projects lol.

    Second, Yes I have to worry more about Safty, My table saw for example, depends on what I rip or cut, say a 2x4 for example, I can lock 1 Break on my Chair after I position myself, and rip it.

    If I rip a 2x4 sheet, it's a little different, cause I can't lift a full sheet of 4x8 by myself, so All my Stock at least for the sheet goods are 2x4 Sheets, easier for me to rip.

    By locking my Breaks, this allows me to move the boards as if I was standing, if I was to push a board throu without locking the breaks, think of yourself on rollerskates while you are trying to push your stock throu.

    Wouldn't be very easy, Breaks are my Leverage, this allows me to push the stock threw.

    I do wish I had some Handtools like the ones you use, They would be easier for me to work with, but at the time I bought my tools, I didn't really have Accessible in mind lol, I had TOOLS in mind to redo my kitchen and some Smaller on the side moneymaking Projects.

    But soon once I can pump out some smaller projects to make a little extra money, I will probably be making some purchases for hand tools... probably a Plane will be a First investment.