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Friday, March 20, 2009

Previous Projects

Hello everyone, I just wanted to make a Small and Brief note to everyone that's not seen anything I've done in the past, Especially this last Year.

I have provided a Title Link, By clicking on the title of this Post, You have the Ability of going to my Drama Blog as I call it, This is where I first started my Projects, Until I've decided to expand the blog to my Workshop Blog.

And I've not figured out how to move my Entry's from that blog to my workshop blog, So they will remain there until i find some helpful Resource to bring my Past Projects here.

Anyway, With this Said, if you click the title of this Post, Once you are on "A Little Of This And That!" Blog, If you go over to the right side, and down every so little, you will find the Archives.

If you click on the 2008 Archive, It will being up the 61 Entries I had for 2008 which provide you Reading Material + My Projects I've done and completed last year, This will give you a little extra Reading Material to pass the time, Until I have a new Video, which should be soon in the near future.


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