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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woodworking Tip of The Week - Small Parts Carousel

I like to keep extra screws, bolts, and other hardware on hand to save me trips to the hardware store. The problem is all these parts can be difficult to store and organize. To fix this, I built the small parts storage carousel you see in the drawing to the right.

The carousel consists of a single base unit and a set of storage units sized to hold plastic bins. The storage units rotate so you can find the part you need quickly and easily. And, as shown in the drawing to the right, you can build and stack as many units as needed for additional storage.
Base. To make it easy to access the storage bins, I built a simple base (drawing below). First, cut the top and bottom shelves to size. And then connect them to the L-shaped legs and frame. Finally, add a lazy Susan to allow the unit to rotate.

Storage Unit. Each storage unit is built from 3/4″ plywood and 1/4″ hardboard. Start by cutting the base and top to size. Then make four separate storage compartments to hold two different sizes of 4″-wide bins (one deep and one shallow).

The two larger compartments are made by joining two sides and a divider to a back. Dadoes in the sides and back hold the 1/4″ hardboard shelves and divider (main drawing and inset below). The small center compartments are formed by connecting the backs of the large compartments by two spacers and a set of small shelves. Here again, dadoes hold the shelves in position.
To use the carousel, just slide in the bins and fill them with small parts.

Good woodworking,
Phil HuberEditor,

Please refur to the title link for All Graphics for a Visual effect of what it looks like, And I would also like to say thanks to for putting out some Great tips and all the contributors that contribute to the tips to help woodworkers learn more the easy, quick and efficient way of woodworking!


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