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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back on Track

Well I would like to say that everything is going back to normal.

The only Small Setback, is that I don't have all of my Links that I added to my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing Links.

Other then that, Things are doing Pretty well, Things are looking up, The page is fitting back together like a Nice Scroll Sawed Puzzle.

I have another Custom Scroll Saw project that will be Featured as well, a Friend of mine in Iowa also wanted a Project for her Mother.

And here is what I have been working on, her mother Likes horses and Polar Bears, and I found this Doing a Search on Google, as it's already converted to Pattern, I can't seem to find the before Picture now.

So Until I find it, here is what the Pattern Looks like if anyone is interested. The Pattern is a mommy Bear with her 2 Young.

I will also be posting some pictures of the before and During the Scroll Saw Process, and if I can i will also be Doing some Video but I'm not sure if video is going to be a good thing at this time as we got company, the dogs barking alot, just not a good time to Shoot Video.

Anyway, Stay tuned for some Pictures in Progress.



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