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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Polar Bear: Part 2

Here is the Second Podcast Video to my Polar Bear project.

Enjoy the video, All of my podcast videos are about 20 to 25 minutes long. I've decided to upload my videos to and see what kind of Results I could get from it, Blogger as far as I know is limited on space for Pictures and Videos.


  1. Cool video! I need to start adding videos to my blog. It will have to wait till I get a new computer. this one is too slow and locks up trom time to time when working with vids.

  2. Ethan,

    Thanks for the comment Bro, I hope to see more, I've missed your comments, I've gotten more Comments on my Drama Blog from you and others then I have here so far... Kinda makes me wonder lol.

    The video was taken with my Sony Video Camera, it is a HQ Camera with Digital Dolby Surround Sound Capabilities, has a 60gig Hard Drive in it that takes up to 41Hrs of SP Video and 14hrs of HQ Video.

    I'm not sure if I like the Quality in video from thou, I do all of my editing with Cyberlink PowerDirector, it works.

    Anyway, it records in MP4 Format and can burn it right to DVD if I wanted to without any conversion cause of the High DVD Quality output it has, but I convert it with CLPD to Windows media Video "WMV" and Upload it here, or upload it to to store them, Right now I'm running out of space. a 20 Minute Video on the camera is 1.6gigs coverted to wmv it's about 25mg "megabytes" lots of difference there.

    Holler at me when you are around here, I got SEVERAL more videos to put up, it's taken me over 2hrs to do this project, I'm getting ready to film the last 20 minutes of it, I got about 10 20min videos and some pictures to add here.

    Hope you have the time to watch them and listen to some of my advice, tips and all, well what little i talked in my videos thou lol.