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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Extra Work

It's going to take me some extra work to get things back to normal. Unfortunately, my time has expired for the day.

The ole Lady wants me to put the Tree up, Things are disarrayed around the house, so I've got to sign off for the night.

Maybe a new morning or the light of day will clear my head to get me back on track.



  1. Hi Jimmy. Hope you got all your decorations up okay. I still have some decorating to do, but not sure if it's going to get done.

  2. Lisa: We just got our Tree up last night, as soon as I can get the Video Downloaded and edited I''m going to post it on my other Blog.

    Well I've not decided yet lol, the ole lady and me was using a little unchristmas profanity lol.

    We have an 8ft ceiling and a 7.5ft tree lol, and well we can't reach the top to put lights and stuff on, and with my shoulder the way it is, I can't break it down in 1/2 to put lights on it and then reconnect it.

    So, I'm not sure if I'm going go to post the video or not lol.