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Friday, December 5, 2008

Boy Meets Woodworking 1 of 2 Picture's!

Here is a Picture Update of "Boy Meets Woodworking 1 of 2"

We have allowed the glue to dry, we have not done anymore work on it just yet, I am asking my Boy to hold off, well actually, He's been bad, and when he's bad, he looses some privilege.

And working on his Bi-Plane that he so anticipates to get done, is one great Feature of a Beginning Woodworker for Discipline Means.

Works wonders, means less butt spanking when something of interest catches an eye of a young child.

So enjoy the pictures, we will cast the 2nd Part of the Project here real soon.

If anyone has any questions please send them my way, either in Comment form or email me directly at

Unfortunately at the time i created this blog, My mind was wondering so much about getting it up and all the details, I happen to forget 1 Simple Detail. I Created another blog under my normal Log in name, instead of creating another gmail account to host the blog on so I could use my workshop email.

So now, I have to just post my email address to my workshop address and do it this way, which it's not too big of a deal. Just a few minor adjustments for having to much on my Plate.


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