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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Woodworking Tip of the Week!

Hello everyone.

I will be starting a Woodworking Tip of the week or a month. If you have any tips, Please send them to and I will post them along with other tips I get.

Most of my Tips at this Present time, Are coming from, And this is what has to offer us woodworkers this week, if you have any tips of your own, please submit them also.

Truing a Square


Framing squares are usually thought of as rough carpentry tools. But I find it comes in handy in the shop. They're great for checking large cases and assemblies.

Unlike other tools, framing squares don't require much care. But since they tend to get dropped a lot, it's a good idea to periodically check yours to make sure it's still square (see box below).

If it's not, you can separate the legs of the square slightly by making a punch mark near the inside corner. To close up the legs, make a punch near the heel, see photos below.

I will be posting the name of the tip just as they have done to provide the tip, but I will only give credit to the original Poster, and since this Tip came from,, all credit goes to the publisher and writers of

The Link to this Tip is also provided for every tip by Clicking on the title of the post, this will take you right to the Original link to this Particular Tip.



  1. Handi, looks like you've been hard at work on the blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rob,

    Sup dude, thanks for dropping by. Sorry I've not been around on the live chat and all, I've been just a little busy here, but real busy in real life.

    We tried going to the next town over to pay some bills the other day, and my car was overheating, well, my dumbas forgot to prep my car for winter, and it had all water in it instead of mixture.

    Needless to say, I've got to get out in this cold and see if I cracked anything cause we didn't have any heat or anything going to the next town of about 35+ Min drive both in 23 Degree weather.

    So I've got to get out there today cause I got to reschedule my Dr. Appointment cause of my car, got to get some food and some other stuff, so life here has been a little unbearable at the moment lol.

    Please stop in from time to time and check out some of the stuff around here... may not be much of a woodworkers dream or hopes, but there will be a little bit of everything in here, but all related to wood and experiences!


  3. It's all looking good. I answered your question on my blog, but I will answer here also. Yes, you can use stain in intarsia. It is then considered segmentation tho' if you are cutting out the whole piece from one piece of wood. A lot of people do that and it comes out beautifully. For me it is the "thrill of the hunt." Trying to find the right colors of wood for certain projects is what made intarsia my true wood working love.
    P.S. You do not have any contact info on your blog. Is that a preference?

  4. @ Allison: No not a preference, I just haven't played around with it enough just yet to know the location of the email feature.

    I will post an entry labeled contact or something and put my email to this one, I use several, but when i created the blog I wasn't paying attention, I should have created my email first, then created the workshop blog under that email.

    But unfortunately I can't change it right now as much info I got here and all the work I done so far, so i will post the email to my workshop, but i will respond with this name, when I post reply's.