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Monday, December 1, 2008


Welcome to my Workshop.

There will be so much to explore, so much to view within your visit here.

During the Colder Months, you will see some of my Live Broadcast with a provided link, in my livingroom working on my Scroll Saw.

During the Warmer Months, You will also see my live broadcase with a provided link, in my Workshop.

I hope that you find my workshop educational and everything else that comes with it.

Thanks for visiting my Blog, I hope that you return and check back and see what I have to offer!



  1. Congrats Handi,
    If you want some help with the unpacking just let me know.

    Be well,

  2. fEZ,

    You can help as much as you want to Real!

    I've got 11 Followers on Feedburner and 6 Followers on the Blogger it's self.

    You are the first follower here, I hope everybody decides to come on over with the move like you have, If not, then i guess you will be the only one til some others come lol.

    Gladyou decided to come on over here to my Workshop, will be easier to keep things organized.


  3. Hi Jimmy. I'm here too! Good luck with your new blog home.

  4. Lisa,

    Well I hope some of my viewers comes over here, i'm going to use both blogs, Just keep my Woodworking and Scroll Sawing seperate.

    Easier for me to manage, And I got live feed for both.


  5. Good luck with your new site. I won't be contributing much because I'm new to woodworking.Got a lot to learn and I've learned a lot following different blogs,forums . THANKS

  6. Can't wait to see what you put on this one.. Oh does this mean I can post on this one exclusively now?

  7. Oh and good luck keeping up with two blogs....( Some people have three!) I 'm having trouble poasting every day on one! lol. You might have to pick one you love the most and let the other one go. ( sad ...but it happens) Good Luck!

  8. @George: First, you don't have to contribue anything, you can comment on my projects, I'm going to provide a Home here in Hopes to Inspire new Woodworkers and Scrollers, I'm a beginning woodworker as well, but I have been scrolling for a few months.

    So Consider checking back from time to time, or when a new post arrives and feast your eyes on the projects and my Write up.

    @Ethan: If you want to keep up with both of my Blogs you are welcome to do so, if you want to JUST Keep up with my Workshop Blog, Then you are welcome to do so as well, But you don't have to keep track of both of my Blogs.

    If you are more into my projects then you are my So to speak Everyday "Drama", Then come on over here and watch my Workshop and drop the other one, It's entirely your choice, or if you don't want to watch either of them, your call my Friend.


  9. love the reality tv. Are those bloodhounds? Please dont tell me you have a chainsaw and a gun rack in your pickup. Thats meant to be a joke. I,m a New Zealander living in the Philippines trying to make a living as a cabinetmaker after the company i worked for closed and i got left here high and dry and blogs like yours are a god send whenever i need motivation, inspiration and information so i will be a regular viewer. Keep it up

  10. Well hello, I see this is new. I am now following you on blogger. I too will be looking forward to what you do here! Thank you for stopping by my site. I hope all goes great for you. Us workers of wood have got to stick together. I have learned soooooo much just from other bloggers and of course Lumberjocks
    Allison of Wood Alley

  11. @ Daryl: I like all Jokes, No them Dogs I have are Mixed Breed lol, They are Cocker/Beagle/Basset Mix. I didn't mean for that to happen as we didn't eat that evening so we ordered a Pizza, and when I was broadcasting Live the pizza man showed up lol.

    And this blog is meant to Try and help new scrollers and woodworkers such as my self, so Hopefully you will gain what you seek from here, I go live or have been, so keep track of my post if you like to see when I may go live, I don't do Professional videos because I want everyone to see my Goofs and all That's what makes it real, not cover ups.

    @ Allison: I totally agree, all woodworkers and scrollers or even wood enthusiast of all kinds should stick together, you never know when you may learn from each other.

    This blog is new, I actually Moved my Workshop to here, I had it mixed in with my Daily Blog, if you like to see some of my Past projects that I have done, you can check them out at, I got a lot of my Projects Mainly Scroll Saw thou right now, being in a chair and winter and no heat in the shop I'm limited to my House and my Scroll Saw.

    I hope you like the projects, As soon as I get some more Materials for my next project I will get it started, I think everyone will Like it very much.

    Thanks for checking in and following the blog guys, means a lot that you get good people, especially the ones willing to learn and lend a hand form time to time!