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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Move Unsuccessful

Unfortunately, I am unable to move my blog to my Desired email account, in the process I have lost 3 of my Followers that will have to Re follow my Blog.

This is a Pain in it's self, I guess it goes to say that, If it's not Broke, Don't Fix it.

Well I thought that it would be better to have it separated under it's own Email account, but I guess we will have to stay here...

I hope that all of my Viewers will make it back here and my Followers.



  1. Anytime I change things around in my blog, such as a new template for instance, I am always sorry. I just don't get it (those that have no trouble doing it.)I am just glad I found out so that I could re-follow. I do enjoy your blog!

  2. Allison: Thanks for rejoining, It really means a lot to me.

    I left a few comments on your Animal Puzzles.

    Everything seems back to normal, after the tree I messed with a few things last night here and got some setup.

    Now I got to go all threw my Links and re add them over and over again, that's not the part I'm looking forward to, i thought they would be saved.

    But they wasn't, so i got to deal with it.