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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flying Dutchman Blades and Bits

I have just received my Flying Dutchman Blades, Bits and Chuck.

The Blades that I have ordered was


FD-TC #2/0 (Two Way Cut)
FD-NS #2/0 (New Spiral)


FD #68
FD #71

The Blades.

The Blades are made from Springy metal, I'm not sure what type, but these blades Spring and bend more then they brake. Of course, under certain circumstances they will brake, Under tightening, Over tightening and excessive Heat from Friction.

All in all, These Blades themselves are made from Top Quality Materials, The do not brake as easy, they are very well crafted and hold there sharpness for about the whole duration of your project.

I have red an artical that Said Normal Blades only Last about 30 minutes of use, Which isn't that much time if you are a Slow Scroller, For a fast Scroller, you may be able to get pretty far on your project before you need to swap out your blade for a new one. Myself, I keep my blade in until I cannot use it any longer and expecially with my TC Blades, I have the option of using them 2x, I just Take the blade out, Turn it around and reinsert it into my Saw and I can now use the upper section of the blade as if it was a new blade.

This comes in handy for the low income Community that can't afford to buy many, so basically you get 2 doz. for the price of one. Which is a great deal.

The Bits.

I have not had a chance to use the bits as much just yet, so my review on this is limited. I can say thou that these bits are really nice, they are a little flimsy thou which is understandable because of the thickness of the bit it's self.

I have tried the FD #71 Bit for a FD-NS #2/0 and they are too small for the Spiral Bits, The upper and lower part of the NS #2/0 Bit is too big, you would have to use a 1/16" Bit for an entry hole for these Blades. The #68 Bit works well with #1 Blades, I'm not sure on anything higher then this, My Main supply of blades are primarly # 2/0, 1, 3 and 5 and I most commonly use only 1 and 3 as I find better control better cutting results.

The Chuck.

I've tried to use this Chuck, and I wasn't very impressed with this Chuch just yet, I was lucky enough that my Craftsman Drill jaws was Tight enough that the bits was able to fit in them with little adjustment and alignment, so this is my preference.

I do think thou however, to eliminate my Hand Drill, I'm going to build a Workable Version of a Hand Drill you crank with your hands and use this Chuck on the Hand Drill, maybe I will receive better results in doing so as it will be slower in cutting, less bending of the bit and less friction of the bit as well.

I hope that this small review of the Blades, Bits and Chuck was useful, if you have any questions about any of what was listed here, please send your questions, comments, critique or anything to my contact on the top right corner of my blog, or you can just post a comment to this post, also by clicking the title of this post, it will take you to Mike's Workshop if you are interested in ordering some FD Blades.

His Blades are as cheap as 2.75 a Doz which is Really Cheap for a Great product.


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