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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sled - Revisited and Edited!

I have made a noted Mistake on my Video Editing, and as specified below, I have A LOT To learn and work ahead of me, Unfortunately I have accidently muted the first part of this video, There is Audio during the video except for the First 1 Minute and 45 Seconds around about, I Apologize for the Inconvience.

I guess you can't expect EVERYTHING to go right the first time you edit and reedit again lol,
I have been trying my best at some Video Editing. I still have A LOT Of work ahead of me, but I'm getting there.

I have decided to try and give my Sled Video a try at editing, Basically what I have done with this Video since It was originally 1 hour long is Fast forward the points of scrolling and letting the Basic Key Points or Tips that I was discussing Play at Regular Speed.

I have managed to Bring this Particular Video from 1 hour down to 15 minutes that's a Decrease in just a Tad over 45 minutes, I think some will be happy to see the whole thing in 15 minutes instead of a Full hour.

What I did as described above, is I Split some of the video in Different areas throughout the length of the video, then I fast forwarded the sections that didn't have talking in them, This give me the ability to reduce the time, all of the Fast Forwarded sections, I have included Scrolling Text indicating where the fast forward points are at, I could have deleted the split footage this could probably have dropped it down a little more then 15 minutes but I don't know how much more, as they was only a few seconds.

So with all of this Said, Here is the Revisited and Edited Sled Video, I hope it Catches more of a Fancy to the ones that didn't want to sit through the whole 1 hour video, maybe they are willing to check out the 15 Minute Video and listen to some of the caption.



  1. It's true that most vids have to be edited to some degree. Those videos I made of me carving were originally 40 minutes long! I edited them down to 8 minutes and still found them to be too big for Utube to download. ( some other type of format might have helped) I then cut it down to 5 minutes..but now people probably don't realize how much time it takes to carve a seat. As for now. I'm still on my wifes computer and the new camera and the old video editing software are not compatable..( they might be, but my wifes computer locks up everytime I try to play the video on the editor) I look forward to the day I can getall the ducks in a row again. Video camera + editing program + new computer+ time to edit. I also could never get my microphone to work for any voice over so I ended up adding text...which might work better for me.. Im not really an "actor" Regardless. keep it learn through practice!...

    Kinda long post

  2. Ethan: Bout time you post a LONG Comment, You see all of my Comments on your Blog? Cause I have LOTS to say lol.

    I hear you about locking up and all, I have Cyberlink PowerDirector it takes a few minutes to load up, but it's pretty cool, you can output to DVD Burner or to file format.

    I would suggest going to for your videos, No video Size nor Time restrictions, And maybe edit one for youtube since it's a big community. and I may gear some of mine for youtube also, but I like the way blip works also.

    I'm not an actor either, but don't matter, People want to see the carving and know what's happening, I bet you would get more hits on your store if you had a few video blogs as you progress on your work.

    That's what I'm thinking about, more for the enjoyment of making videos, demos, etc and hopefully making a little money on my store if people like to see how it's made!