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Monday, December 29, 2008

Polar Bear: Part 14 and 15

I have went on and decided to bring you a Double Video Feature for now on until my Videos are Complete.

This will ensure that the agaony of watching my "WAY TO LONG" Videos will lay to rest in the Archive of Videos, Maybe even in the Hall of Fame of Worst video editing and an award for the longest most boring Podcast!

Polar Bear: Part 14

Polar Bear: Part 15

Only 5 more Boring Videos to wade threw and we will be finished with this Lovely Boring Video Series and get into a few other Videos I've got Planed for everyone.

Please Bare with me as I'm new at this video podcasting, I'm also very new at video editing, I think I can promise that everything will be better once I learn, but as a man of his word, I don't make promises I cannot keep, so the best I can do and say is I will tring to be better on my Video editing and my Content in my Videos.


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