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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polar Bear Update: Pictures

I have Finished the Polar Bear Custom Design Project. I will be releasing 1 20 minute Video everyday until I have them all posted.

There are a lot of Videos in this Series, I don't like editing anything out, I like for everyone to see and hear my Mistakes if there are any, and if there are some, I try to explain what could be different or how you could've done it differently to prevent the error in question.

So I hope that you enjoy All of the Videos for this project.

Here is the Cheating photos that I have taken of Before, Middle and Finished product, if you check out the Polar Bear: Part 1, you will see the Tech Specs of this Project, I don't see a Point in Repeating the Specs if they are already posted, not to mention, this will give my viewers a chance to review the video also.

Thanks for following my Blog, reading and watching my Podcast, I hope that I have opened many Eyes to the Scroll Saw community beginner, intermediate or even advanced scrollers, of all ages, Please send me any comments, questions, tips, hints, critique or anything you wish to be displayed here with credit for your own work, woodworking or scroll sawing.



  1. Wow, there's more holes in this project than I've scrolled out so far. You are a very very patient person, mister Handi. are you thinkig of finding a way to increase the contrast a bit? I suppose so...

  2. fEZ: you mean to bring out the color of the holes? This is for a Friend of mine, I told her that she could line the back with paper or felt of some kind to bring out the holes

    So I'm not sure what she's going to do with it, i know she's going to give it to her mother for Christmas Present. It took me 3 days and 30, 20 minute videos to get it done lol.