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Friday, December 19, 2008

Polar Bear: Part 5

Here is the 5th Installment of the Polar Bear Series. I'm sorry to say that with my Editing Skills to a Bare Minimum, I have 20 Videos of this Project.

So I think what I'm going to do, at least with this Video Series. Is after this Post of #5 Video, I'm going to Put a Video Player on Video 6 that will Show you the rest of the Videos, this way you can view them right from the Player instead of Individual.

You have Seen the Pictures of the Project Finished, This will give my Viewers a Chance to watch the videos all at once if they choose, the next videos will be shorter and less of them.

More Short, Sweet and to the Point, I will address Key Points, Will give you the General idea how to Apply your Pattern, Drilling the Holes and Cutting the pattern out.

Enjoy, any comments, critique, hints, tips whatever, please send them my way to and/or click on the above link "Contact Me" to send me a quick and easy email. You can also send me an Email on what you would like to see or questions that you would like Answered.


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