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Friday, December 26, 2008

Polar Bear: Part 11


  1. Yep! I got a scroll saw!...slightly used, but works fine. I'm probably not gonna use ti for stuff like you use yours for. Probably mostly utility dovetails or some punch through carving. I have only messed with it a little so far. I have to make a box and carve it up before the end of the year! Prob not gonna jump into dovetails...maybe box joints for starters. we'll see. Oh and I see the limitations with the standered blade. if has a smoth top cut and a tear out on the underside. No biggy, I can sand it down after all. But I wonder if the blades with the teeth facing both ways cause smoth in both directions. It's just a trivial thing for now.

  2. Ethan: There are 2 Different types of Blades, Well many Different size Teeth etc, but 2 types.

    1 has a Pin going threw the top of the Blade, You are limited on Blades with this type of Style. Cause you can only use the Pin head blades. Unless it has a Blade Release on it, Where you can Tighten the blade in Place, if it has one you may be able to get away with using the Standard Blades.

    2. Standard Blades, these don't have a Pin at the top or the bottom, a Universal one, you can use both types in a single machine.

    Standard Blades gives you realy no Size difference in the Blades. Pin Style blades there is a Min Size Entry hole required, Standards don't cause you have a Pin to contend with.

    Check out and you can see the difference in Blades, the Cutting type and all. They have a FD-TC which is a Flying Dutchman 2 Way cut, 2 Teeth Up, 2 Teeth Down, giving you cutting surface up and down, but this is primarly for Ply because of the Laminate.

    There are Metal Cutting Blades, and different style, just check it out, got any questions just holler.