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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Contact Information!

I has just occurred to me and of course a prior comment from a Follower of mine that I did not have any contact information.

I am very sorry for this, I think I have provided my workshop email in my last post, if I have not, then I am sorry for that.

For them who wish to contact me, with any Tips, Hints, Tricks, Other Comments, Critique or just anything in general, you can do so at the following email:

Now I've also included the email address as a "Title Tag", Which means, that if you click the title of the Post, This should bring up your email client and enable you to email me, if it does not work, then use the email that I have provided above to get in contact with me for anything of your nature.

With your permission of course, if you have Tips, Hints, Tricks or anything else that you would like to see posted here, Please send them to me with your approval, I will also Post a Showcase of my Viewers and Followers Woodworking Projects as well.

So if you have anything you wish to see posted, just send me what you like and I will add it to my Content!



  1. Hey, this is great thanks, Allison, I am putting you in my e-mail address book right now!

  2. @ Allison: Thanks for adding me to your list. It means a lot to me that all of us Scollers and woodworkers stick together to help each other out in the time of need.

    I just got done with another Scroll Saw Project a few minutes ago, I hope that you take the time to view my video, it's almost an hour long, I don't know if you want to sit threw the whole thing lol.

    I didn't talk thou, I just done a Recording of me doing my work, nothing really Special.