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Friday, December 5, 2008

Custom Scroll Saw Design!

For them who was not present the night before last to view my Very First Broadcast, along side "Boy Meets Woodworking", here is the embedded Link with the video.

This is approximately 50 minutes long for the Patience people. This video I get questions from my Views over at "The Woodwhisperer Live" Where I have my ustream Live Cast at.

If you wish to See Future Cast, Please come back from time to time, I will be posting Pictures and Videos from my Broadcast.

At the bottom of my Blog you will see my Workshop Live Cam and Live Chat, you should be able to see me anywhere I have my Live Broadcast links at and chat if there is the option available.

Anyway, Here is the Broadcast "Pre-Recorded" Video from the other night, This is me answering questions from my Viewers, Sorry I didn't read the questions off, next time, i will make an appoint to read the questions so everyone knows what I'm answering.

Enjoy the video, it's not a professional Video by all means, but it's a Video, i'm scrolling out a Custom Heart Design for a friend of mine, I stop and show you as I make a few cuts to show you the progress, I also didn't start recording til about 15 minutes after I started, I forgot to do so, after I noticed it wasn't recording, I started recording.


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