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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Polar Bear: Part 9

The next Episode of the Polar Bear Series!




  1. Wow, looks like the polar bears are taking some time. must be challenging. Either that or you are savoring the experience. Either way it looks like it is coming along.

  2. Ethan: It has taken me 3 Days and about 6 hours, with a Total of 20 20 to 30 minute Videos, I'm not impressed with the hits I'm getting off of these videos yet, my Sled - Revisited and Edited that I reposted I got 57 Hits off of that one so far, the orginal 1hr one I only got 7.

    There are 20 Videos to this Series, I've already posted 9 of them, only if I would have edited them, I'm not seeing many Viewers to this series, the next Videos won't be as long, I will probably if I have long Video, just edit and edit it and if it's too long, then I will make several 10 minute videos, but no more then 5 videos.

    Anyway, Glad you liked it, Now many are liking it cause of the length of the Videos, The next series won't take so long.